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Selected as promising small and medium-sized enterprise - Sm…
Substrate processing apparatus
Prostate cancer diagnosis system and method
Korea Aqua Leisure Safety Association(KASA)
KT Telecop
Korea Safety Union(KSU)
Individual emergency call system
Earphone-based unrestrained heart rate measuring device
Korean branch of International Emergency Medical Association
Certification of High Seoul Brand Enterprise
Certificate of Excellent Design Selection 2014
Prize awarded by SMBA(Small and Medium Business Administrati…
Certificate of Venture Business
Certificate of Business Registration
Business Cooperation Agreement - Korea Disaster Safety Assoc…
MOU(Memorandum of Understanding), Sinan Heavy Industries
Memorandum Kachon Daikichi hospital, Kachon University
Business Cooperation Agreement - Korea Lifesaving Associatio
Industry-University Exchange Agreement - Buchen Industrial H…
Business Cooperation Agreement - Korea First Aid & CPR Assoc…
Program copyright registration certificate MDS98
Program copyright registration certificate Servo Actuator
Program copyright registration certificate Servo UTM
Trademark registration certificate
Certificate of Competitive Bid Qualification
Certificate of Medical Device Sales Business Registration
License of Medical Device Manufacture
License for Medical Device Manufacture Business
Grand Prize in 2014 Korea Innovation Award
Certificate of INNO-BIZ
Certificate of Parts & Element Company
Certificate of Corporate Research Institute
Certificate of MAIN-BIZ
Certificate of Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004
Non-destructive welding quality applying electromagnetic ind…
Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
Material measurement device using screw shaft
Defibrillator shock signal detection method
Defibrillator containing the surface pressure sensor
Certificate of Conformity to Medical Device Manufacture & Qu…

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